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جنبش معماری مدرن با بیش از 14 سال سابقه کاری می تواند خدمات طراحی و مهندسی در تمامی پروژها ی طراحی و اجرای را در اختیار سایرین قرار دهد .

In 2001, Jonbesh Memari Modern Co. was founded by Mr. Armin Golshahi,engineer, architect, interior designer and faculty member of university with the slogan of balance without symmetry in order to help the urban landscape, health and welfare of the people and create a calm and beautiful space with diverse combination of colors.

This company is honored to manage, construct and design over 500 administrative, commercial and villa units in 80 residential projects and expose them to the people.

Jonbesh Memari Modern Co. is now owned and managed by Mr. Armin Golshahi and colleagues and skilled experts in the design and informatics section are Ms. Neda Azari (Architect & Office Incumbent), Mr. ALI NAGHIZADEH (Architect), in procurement section includes Mr. Hossein Gholipour and in executive section Misters Alireza Amini & Farzin Tajali Nasr as workshop technicians and designs and implements various projects in different parts of country especially in Tehran and exposes any engineering services encompasses designing, interior designing, landscaping, implementation, monitoring, contracting and participating in construction with very high precision.

All projects from starting the plan order till completion of construction operations in minimum time with high quality is on the agenda of the company.

Satisfaction, safety, comfort, economy, engineering and human conscience is our duty.

I appreciate all the professors and the greats that help us in this matter and wish success and prosperity for all the people of our country. 

Armin Golshahi